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Confessions of a broken woman (intro)

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Tue, 31/10/2017 - 17:32



Hi all,

My first day on here. I thought I'd introduce myself, I've started a diary hoping it will help get some of these demons out my head.

I do online slots, 2 years in total. Never grown up in an environment of viva Las Vegas....simply saw advert on tv, thought I'll give that a go as was bored. And boom. Hooked.

Borrowed on top of debt to recover losses, even after a couple of good wins, could not stop my thumb pushing the spin button repeatly until it had drained all the money back. How could they take it back? That was mine. I won that... deposit ... deposit ... must be time for a win ... deposit .... GONE. I'm Back to reality, kicks me to the stomach, feeling like I want to vomit. I feel I want to escape. 

I don't know where this journey will take me... but I hope we are going to the same destination together :) that's a life free of this poisonous addiction.

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Tue, 31/10/2017 - 17:48



Welcome Mel..
Great place for starting to fight you're addiction...
Same as my story love....found a site while mooching on internet...thought I'd take a look...wolop. ..few years down the line...realised I had a problem..
Came .listened...laughed and cried. ..
First...and best thing I done was ring the helpline for a chat...
I was you over 600 days ago...
Changes can be made...
And life gets better. ...
Good luck ....xx

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Tue, 31/10/2017 - 17:58




Well done on 600 days that is amazing. I actually came across the site reading your diary and I think we suffer or suffered with the same old babs site!! 

I'm so pleased to hear that you have done almost 2 years, it's inspiring to hear it can be done and I'm glad you have stayed to support us newbies. :) xx


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Tue, 31/10/2017 - 17:59



Hello I've blown my month's wages got 1400k + interest of loans on top to cover losses lost that on top of it. Already have debt. So pretty my screwed. Coming clean tonight hopefully moving forward with support but if not then I'll do it on my own! Stay strong hopefully light at the end.