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New strategy after heavy loss.  


This is my first ever post I'm Carl and 24 years old , I've been a very addicted gambler everyday since I was 17 sneaking into bookies , before that was fruit machines , whenever it came to a really big loss I would get hypnotherapy , this happened on 3 different occasions all doing different lengths of time the longest been 1 year and a half 18 month , this time around I have changed my strategy as I don't ever want to bet again and going hypnotherapy route it does eventually wear off , so from Friday after my 9000 loss in 2 hours I have taken the steps of gamban on my phone and also barred myself out of every bookies in middlesbrough this takes away the temptation off betting known that I can't,  while I wait for my face to face counselling session to start through gamcare , I really hope this strategy and control measures I have already applied work and I never ever bet again , this could in the long run be a very cheap lesson learnt for me as I'm still only young.  Any help or comments on your thoughts will be brilliant , thanks in advance 

Posted : 14th May 2019 5:52 pm

Blocks are crucial mate, but you also need to commit to never gambling again.

Its tough as you know,but you’re young. I don’t know any rich gamblers. 

I wish I was telling a 24 year old me the same thing. Stop now and you’ll have a great life...even in Middlesbrough (joke - even in these dark times we all need a sense of humour).

Think of all the Parmo’s you can buy with the money you save. Lol. 

Youve done a great thing by blocking and being there. Well done. I’ll be watching from a distance and wish you the best of luck. Loads of people here to support and keep you on track. 

Posted : 14th May 2019 11:12 pm
Golden fish

Hi Carl 🙂 

Face to face cancelling is great, hope you get a date soon Gam care was fast with mine. 

I thinking talking through and sticking in place some alternatives to gambling really helps just even a basic stretch or breathing activity get in the moment 🙂 mine suggested to put inspirational by my bed you see it every morning.

Stay awesome 

hope you all the best 🙂

Posted : 19th May 2019 12:13 am
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