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The past year I have lost a lot of money gambling - When I see the amount it scares me. Right now I still have money left and I have a good stable job but I have increased betting-the past few weeks I have been laying down large stakes per day. I don't want to lose anymore money and am scared of losing my savings and all I have built

I have a select list of horses, football teams and other sporting teams that I always feel the need to put a bet on and follow. 

Almost every few minutes I'm checking the inplay markets, it's even beginning to affect me at work.

I love sport and I will never be able to stop following it but I always feel like I need a bet on it in case what I predict ends up happening.

I just want to enjoy sport without losing money - any help at all is appreciated it - I constantly have urges to put money on almost all the time - I love the thrill of it and I do enjoy it although I lose money, If i can go back to a small amount a week then that would be great but small stakes aren't enough anymore 

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Posted : 3rd September 2019 1:14 am


G919 don't lose everything do. I love sports to football and boxing is my thing. you don't want to ruin something you love through gambling. you seem to be in an early stage of an addiction. please put limits on at least. I have a house and bills and a family to support I am so stressed from hiding it from my partner im stressed every month because I have to hide it hide the money I have lost. don't get like me don't get in my position. I had £8500 in a account on Friday around 7 o clock by 9 o clock I had 2 grand... fast forward to now I am minus that 2 grand and another 2 grand I had in the bank which was going to pay a loan off. do not get in this situation. think of putting that money on something else. 

Posted : 5th September 2019 10:11 am

Bossman92h I do this on a regular occurrence but has got to the point now where I don't think I have the option to hide it anymore. I've no more options but to come clean but there is always that fear of being judged. Work all week just to lose every penny within hours. I need to kick this addiction and get my life back on track.

Posted : 5th September 2019 11:46 pm

Thanks for messaging back on here

I lost 6 grand the last year so it is very bad including in the last few weeks ive lost 2 grand, so its got worse.. Ive excluded myself from the betting websites so I can no longer waste money like this 

Wil take me about 4 months to save up this money again - such a waste 

Posted : 9th September 2019 1:57 pm
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