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Day 6.......  


I quit on June 10th but had several relapses.  

I just can't seem to kick it.  I stopped for a month, my wallet was looking bigger, I was on road to recovery after ten years of loosing.

I made a choice to quit (again)  last week after a monumental loss.  Why am I so insistent on punishing myself.  

Its affecting my health, I've been diagnosed with anxiety.  

I'm more determined then ever. The look on my children's faces is going to be the fuel to kick this [email protected] for good.  

Chin up folks xx

Posted : 8th August 2019 6:15 pm


It's simple. Do it for your children. My father was a compulsive gambler, because of that I spent most of my childhood in care and now I've foolishly followed in his footsteps. Do you want your kids to grow up copying you? Because of gambling I've been in some dark places including being homeless. I accept responsibility for my own actions, I don't blame my dad completely but i'm sure my life would have been a lot happier if he stopped.

Don't mean to be harsh. I wish you well.


Posted : 8th August 2019 8:08 pm

Good luck boo get them block s in place you can do this 

Posted : 8th August 2019 8:39 pm

I hear you Stuart!!! Not harsh at all. My mum was a gambler. I don't want this c**P for my kids 

Thanks tommy, I'm gonna kick it!! 

Posted : 8th August 2019 10:52 pm


I'm at the beginning of my recovery too..... I believe blocks should be put in place and seek advice from a counsellor. I'm hoping to do this when i have alone time in the home.... have you done anything like that at all to help you?

I totally get the self destruction of it and its crazy what we do and not only to ourselves!

here's to our recovery!

Best of luck

Posted : 8th August 2019 11:33 pm
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