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[Closed] Chatroom opening hours  

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Dear All,

We understand that in these anxious times and extraordinary circumstances created by the COVID- 19 pandemic, there is the need to share and have a space to talk with others about how you are feeling and the impact this may be having on you at this current time.

Due to the current risk we also appreciate going to group meetings or seeing people in person is not really possible. Therefore, we have decided to extend our Chatroom opening times on an ad-hoc basis.

If attendees request a time extension in any given Chatroom (1PM or 8PM Chat), we can be flexible and stay open longer to accommodate this. The Chatrooms are still about gambling recovery, but we understand the need to share and talk about what is going on now, your anxieties and wellbeing as well as how this is impacting on your recovery.

We are further planning the introduction of additional Chatrooms throughout the day and will be updating here once we've arranged staffing for this and understood the need.

This is not a permanent change to the way we run the chatrooms, but for a short period until the situation around COVID-19 has settled down.

Thank you so much for your ongoing use of the service, and we look forward to speaking to you all soon.



Monday 1-2 PM and 8-9 PM

Tuesday 1-2 PM and 8-9 PM

Wednesday 1-2 PM and 8-9 PM

Thursday 1-2 PM and 8-9 PM

Friday 1-2 PM and 8-9 PM

Saturday 1-2 PM and 8-9 PM

Sunday 1-2 PM and 8-9 PM



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Posted : 5th January 2018 2:56 pm
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Dear All,

due to the popularity of the extended opening hour on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve we've decided to run an extended 1,5 hour Chatroom every Sunday from 8PM. 

This will commence on Sunday 12th of January 2020.

The same rules apply as with all Chatrooms, please keep it recovery focused, be kind and supportive to others and make the most of the space to share and exchange.

All the best,



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Posted : 4th January 2020 10:05 am
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