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Am I addicted?  


21y old gambling online for about 3months, 2days ago I gambled probably 7-8hours straight playing blackjack and slots and ended up with *** profit to just lose around *** next day.
Am I really gambled addicted? , its most because I enjoy it and its fun but after I lose money i feel so depressed and mad at myself but the feel goes away after a week and I am back gambling :/

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Posted : 9th September 2019 12:38 pm

Yes at First you don't realise it but you eventually get sucked in. You see the thing with gambling it messes with your hormones so when you put a bet your heart races really fast in anticipation of  a win but when, you lose and you have more money to spend you think maybe next time I will win and that how you get addicted. My advice to you is that try to stop now before you start to feel even more depressed or start lending money of family and friends as. Talk to your family and friends about this they will help you through anything or spend your money on things that make you happy your 21 don't let this ruin your life trust. I am 22 years old started gambling when I was 21 biggest mistake,  nearly lost everything and now I have stopped I have a more positive outlook on  life. Please seek help or advise from other people no one will judge you.  

Posted : 9th September 2019 10:46 pm

Difficult to say yes but if you keep going like that you will be.

One piece of advice for you as you are still very young.

This will ruin your life if you continue, join Gamstop today and exclude for 5 years maximum, do it today.

Pack it in before it takes over your life, it will believe me.

Posted : 10th September 2019 5:06 am
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