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Censorship of the word g a y

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Sat, 19/08/2017 - 08:18



Hey Gamcare,

Totally appalled, especially in the current political climate, that you would censor the word "gay" on my recovery diary! Seriously not cool.

I don't know if your auto-swear filter needs updating or one of your staff needs equality and diversity training, but it needs sorting out ASAP. 

Please show commitment to anti-oppressive practice by removing this censorship and the cause (retraining human or technology) so it doesn't happen again. 

Gay is not an offensive word.


Posted on:
Sat, 19/08/2017 - 19:34

Forum admin


Dear Freda,

Thank you for highlighting this issue with the word filter.  

An admin has already replied to your duplicate post in the feedback section of the forum, to let you know that our forum word filter has been updated to remove the word 'Gay' from the list of filtered words.   We agree with you, that while the word 'Gay' can be used in disrespectful ways, it can also be used in an affirmative ways, as in when a person mentions that they self-identify as gay.  If you notice inappropriate use of language, you can flag the relevant post for the attention of the forum admin, or email  [email protected] 

We are closing this thread as it is a duplicate post, and we are moving it from the 'Recovery diaries' section to the 'Feedback' section.

Kind regards,

Forum admin.

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