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Bingo finally free

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Tue, 13/02/2018 - 22:43



Hi everyone im new here, i am a compulsive gambler . I have been gf for 13 days and feel alive again . I started my gambing 3 years ago i never gambled before only the odd lottery or scratch card , i over heard a conversation about online bingo and thought id have ago so signed up to a online site and one game caught my eye and i won a lot and got hooked on that one game no others id never won anything before and could not believe it guess thats how they get you its like they know your new to it and want you to get sucked in , i started slowly being careful as you do and eventually signed up to other sites for the same game and kept playing and depositing . I thought i was ok and that i didnt have a problem you just cannot see it when you are playing. the nightmare you are creating for yourself . The more i won the more i played you get greedy and started losing then you chase it . I have always been someone who pays my bills before anything else this month when i got paid i spent half my wages it hit me and i was so ashamed of myself i stopped then there and realised i had a problem i would never have done that before . Im lucky i could borrow to pay my bills but i have maxed out credit cards its no good my payments are too high because of gambling . Im never going to gamble again . I have excluded myself from all site's. Strange thing is i dont even get the urge since stopping so i guess thats good sign i never really tried to stop before. im going to now work hard pay off debts and get back to life and sign this horrible period off from my life . It has been a great help reading other peoples stories and i hope mine helps someone else please dont get sucked in gambling it is evil and its not worth chasing loses just gets you deeper in debt . I will keep you updated on my recovery .

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Wed, 14/02/2018 - 10:52

Forum admin


Hi Bamb84,

Welcome to the Forum!

You sound revieved about having let go of gambling and 13 days is a really good achievement. 

Self-exclusion is a good step forward and you seem to have a solid plan in place to re-pay your debts. This is all an excellent start and I hope that you will find this Forum supportive, too.

Should you wish to talk your situations through and maybe gain some more ideas about what can help you stay stopped, you are most welcome to contact us directly on the Helpline 0808 80 20 133 or Netline and speak to an advisor one to one.

Both services are open from 8 am to midnight every day.

Do keep us updated and maybe think about starting a recovery diary in the "diary" section of this Forum.

All the very best to you