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Mon, 27/11/2017 - 02:03







hi  all 


This is my first post and it is something I never wished I’d have to do, let me start with a story...

So 4 months ago I turned 18... and of course of my 18th birthday me and a few mates went on a night out and stopped by at the casino for half an hour or so... being competed ****** out my head I didn’t really have a clue what was going on and lost £40 I even remember waffling to my mates how we shouldn’t be in the casino as it’s jist a waste of money. Anyway, a week or so later I returned with a few mates and bet £40 again, I wanted to learn how to play these games roulette was easy but I became obsessed with black jack,  after a couple more visits I became obsessed with blackjack, I’d find my self reading up online all about it, the history of it, the mit blackjack team, basic strategy and all that...  me and a few mates would go as often as twice a week and play with £20 or £30 I’d even say that I’d never bet £5 a hand as it’s just too risky.

Anyway, at the beginning I’d find I was going in with £50 and walking out with £100 and I’d be absolutely buzzing for the rest of the night, this happened 5 or 6 times on the bounce, then before I knew it I’d start going to the casino alone, I’d only spend the same amount of money at first, but then my £3 bet would rise to £5 and then £10.  

Within a couple of months I found myself at the casino most night of the week, and my bets were increasing and increasing I knew I had a problem when I was £200 down in one night and returned a couple of hours later with £50 to win it all back, which I did, only to carry on playing and loose it, this was the first time I was angry and annoyed gambling.

It just stopped being fun from this moment, I was going in aiming to spend 100 and I’d leave having blown more than that, one night I even left the casino having won £1000 only to loose it all within a week.  After this I showed no remorse on playing a hand of blackjack or roulette for £200 and I just can’t leave the casino, like tonight i started with £100 had £250 at one point ,   But somehow I left £300 down, I’d say across the last 3 months I must have lost £3000 of my own money.

The problem is I love playing these games but I just can’t control myself at the casino, I love chatting away with the croupiers and it’s even a career I’ve thought about... but I wanna keep playing as I love it but hate it at the same time, have I got a problem or is this all a phase ? My friends are worried about me my work  colleagues and boss are concerned and my parents too although I won’t tell them how much I’ve lost 

Any words of advice please 




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Mon, 27/11/2017 - 16:27



Hey man,

It sounds as though you have a gambling problem. You have been increasing your bets sizes, you spend a lot of your spare time gambling, you seem to obsess over blackjack so I assume it is on your mind a lot of the time, you chase your losses and despite the fact you're clearly uncomfortable with the amount of money you are losing you still want to keep gambling.

I'm sorry if that sounds harsh but it's the reality of your situation. But if you catch it early you have a chance to not allow it to negatively impact your life to the levels it has done for many of us other addicts using these forums. But you have to be able to admit that you have a problem, and I imagine you know this not all that deep down inside yourself.

Share your whole story with the people you care about, as you say they are concerned about you so they will do what they can to help. Make yourself accountable to them and it will make it easier for you to stop.

Forget about a career as a croupier. Not only will you never be able to get past your compulsive side, it must also be an incredibly miserable job to spend 40 hours a week taking money off of gambling addicts who probably can't afford it.


Good luck mate

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Mon, 27/11/2017 - 16:46



Alright mate, sounds like you do have a problem. I also started gambling when I was 18, im 22 now and it has already taken so much from me. You need to realise that this is a problem that will only deteriorate if you dont put a stop to this now. At your age I would never have taken on anything anyone told me and thought that people on here were "worse" than me. This isnt the case and you can already see how fastly this is progressing. Once the line is crossed into irresponsible and problem gambling, it is very difficult to ever regain control again. Like the other poster said, you need to firstly realise you have a problem and share that with someone. If you dont stop now, you really could be heading for a life of hell. Debt, lies, depression and despair. All the best mate, but please try take on board what people say. It really will help you.

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Mon, 27/11/2017 - 18:34

Merry go round


Hi Callum yes you've got a problem you are here. You are not leaving a casino with winnings just anger. 18 and lost 3k in 4 months. Please get some help, call gamcare, go to a GA meeting and look around at yourself in a few years time if you continue. Get help from gamcare, tell someone close to you, maybe ask if someone can look after your finances. Do it today. go on live chat later. Good luck!