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12 years and ready to Quit

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Sat, 11/11/2017 - 17:48



Hi Everyone 

My name is Jon and I have been a gambler for around 12 years. I've had the highs of winning and the lowest of lows of losing. I've battled to try and stop for many years and my family have tried their best to help me stop, I've been In a relationship now where I've just spoken to my partner about my problems, she is trying her best to also support me to try get out of this habit. I've self excluded from nearly every website that I had joined to gamble on. 

I'm ready to stop, the loses are still overhanging in my mind, what I had! I know I have to forgot about my losses and concentrate on the future but it's very hard to do so.

What advice do you all have about overcoming these thoughts and the way to a normal life.



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Sun, 12/11/2017 - 17:59

Forum admin


Hello JMA2588,

Well done for self-excluding and talking with your partner about it.

You might also like to consider blocking software, to protect you from accessing other gambling websites:

Coming to terms with losses, developing a recovery mindset, letting go of gambling, changing some of your habitual behaviours, learning new ways of responding and coping... all of this is a process that could be more manageably progressed with support.  It is good that you're open to using support on the forum, and you might also like to think about additional support locally or online, like gamblers anonymous meetings, or free counselling appointments.

If you'd like more information on local counselling services, or GamCare's online group therapy service, please call us on our freephone 0808 8020 133.

Take care,

Forum admin.