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Trained Associate

Collaboration is one of GamCare’s core values

We know that it enhances the level of care and support that we can give to individuals experiencing gambling harms.

Our Trained Associate model enables us to work with organisations outside Great Britain to enhance the knowledge and skills of non-GamCare practitioners delivering gambling support via their own organisations.

A GamCare Trained Associate is an organisation that has been trained in GamCare’s Model of Care and receives ongoing support from GamCare.

They use this information to build their own gambling support services locally, benefitting from GamCare’s 25 years’ experience of delivering services and collaborating with agencies across the UK who are part of the GamCare Partner Network. GamCare meets regularly with the Trained Associate to share insight and knowledge of best practice specific to the field and provides expert advice and support as required.

The Trained Associate offer is designed for services outside Great Britain, where GamCare and our Partner Network do not directly deliver services.

What is included in the Trained Associate model?

Recipients of the model will receive from GamCare:

  • Model of Care – Training will be provided for staff in the recipient service and will be provided by GamCare. The training is adapted to different organisations/countries but typically can be achieves over five days of training time.
  • Partnership Management – GamCare will appoint a member of staff to provide ongoing support including advice or information, consultation on the client-facing delivery post-training, and support on other association elements.
  • Referrals and Signposting – GamCare will ensure that service users from the recipient country are signposted and referred to the associate organisation wherever possible. This will include via the National Gambling Helpline, GamCare’s website and other support partners.
  • Communications and Brand Support – GamCare will work with the associate to develop marketing materials to promote the organisation, including a Trained Associate logo, and depending on needs, informative literature such as leaflets/flyers, and signposting on social media channels.

Information for service users

If you’re receiving support and treatment from a GamCare Trained Associate, you can be assured that you’re working with people and an organisation committed to delivering evidence-based gambling support, tailored to your support needs.

Our Model of Care is our model of support and treatment for people experiencing gambling harm/problems.

It is ‘recovery focussed’, meaning that for someone experiencing gambling problems, the focus will be on achieving a positive lifestyle and long-term outcomes, building on existing skills, strengths, and aspirations. We focus on positive behaviour change, by putting into practice the skills learnt, and within a supportive network both during treatment and beyond.

A recovery focus instils hope that change is possible, increases motivation and promotes positive identity and mastery of individuals’ own lives. GamCare’s Trained Associates will be trained to use the same approach we use, as above.

Enquires for Organisations Outside Great Britain

GamCare work with overseas partners in a variety of ways. As well as the Trained Associate model described above, we have other models of delivery that may be suited to your organisation. These include purchasing gambling support training from us, provision of gambling support and treatment services directly through GamCare, or consultancy and advice services. If you are interested in any of these models, would like to discuss further, or want more information, please get in touch here: [email protected]

Find a Trained Associate outside Great Britain:

Isle of Man

Motiv8 Addiction Services



Phone: 627656 or 426400

90-92 Woodbourne Road
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