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Advice and Caring Professionals - Identification & Brief Advice

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Who is this training for?

You may come across problem gambling in your work as a teacher, financial adviser, housing officer, coach, social or youth worker. The adverse impacts of problem gambling can be far reaching. It can cause harm to finances, health, education and work. The only way you will know if gambling if gambling impairs a person’s life is by knowing how to recognise the signs and how ask the right questions at the right time.

Training Summary

Our Identification and Brief Advice course is designed to help you improve the support you and your agency provide by offering practical screening tools, knowledge about responsible gambling and skills to have a conversation about problem gambling.

Why is it important? Is it a problem?

Problem gambling is a growing public health concern. Most people gamble responsibly and within their financial means but for some gambling can become a problem with adverse effects.

Problem gambling is not always socially visible and is often masked by public misconceptions of the level of risk associated with excessive gambling. This is also true for many professionals may fail to fully recognise the impact that problem gambling can have on various levels of individual functioning and on mental and physical health.

For professionals who are interested in the field of problem gambling or who have had problem gamblers coming to them for help and support it is important to recognise that like those who develop problems as a result of drug or alcohol abuse there is not likely to be one single factor or cause of problem gambling. In fact, it is more likely that a number of physical, psychological, environmental and social factors are responsible for the development and maintenance of problem gambling.  Understanding the relationship between these factors and the role, purpose and meaning that gambling plays in a person’s life is a central component in our training.  

All of our training is designed and delivered by highly experienced and qualified trainers who have extensive clinical experience of working with gamblers and problem gamblers and with those adversely affected by problem gambling. This combination of experience and expertise ensures that the training you receive is of the highest quality and will enable you to effectively support those who may come to you with gambling related issues.   

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