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GamCare deliver a comprehensive range of gambling related training to individuals and organisations in social responsibility and awareness, social responsibility and interaction, gambling awareness, problem gambling identification and advice/intervention.

We can deliver training at your premises, at our offices and via e Learning.

Did you know GamCare can develop bespoke training sessions dependent on you needs? Contact us for further details.

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GamCare ExTra e-learning

GamCare ExTra is designed to assist professionals in the betting and gaming industry to better identify potential problem gambling behaviour and signpost where to find help. 


Social Responsibility & Interaction

GamCare Social Responsibility Training and Interaction training is designed to assist Betting and Gaming Managers to enhance their expertise when interacting with customers who may have an issue with their level of gambling.


For Clinicians - Identification & Brief Interventions

GamCare Identification and Brief Intervention course for Clinicians is designed to help you improve the care and support provided in primary care. You may be a psychiatrist, general practioners, nurse or counsellor. We offer practical screening tools, the skills to manage problem gambling in primary care and knowlegde of specialist services available. 


Advice and Caring Professionals - Identification & Brief Advice

You may come across problem gambling in your work as a teacher, financial adviser, housing officer, coach, social or youth worker. The impact of problem gambling can be far reaching, affecting finances, health, education and work. Our Identification and Brief Advice course can help you improve the support you and your agency provide.



GamCare has a client-centred approach to training. It looks at each participant or organisation as distinct. We work closely with you enhance the skills, knowledge and practice of your team.  We focus on improving the care you provide to service users.