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GamShare Issue 7, Spring 2012


PlayRight ForumResponsible Gaming Managers in the remote sector can now share ideas and develop thinking collaboratively in this rapidly changing arena thanks to PlayRight, a new online Social Responsibility forum. The forum, developed and managed by GamCare in partnership with the University of Salford, allows the remote gambling industry to exchange best practice in player protection wherever they are in the world. The PlayRight online forum has been designed with industry stakeholders and provides a space that the forum members  can use with confidence.

Launched in February 2012, the PlayRight forum has already proven to be a valuable resource; the Business Manager for Intouch Games Ltd said:

“Having completed the registration process I’ve taken a look around the site.  The contributions to your discussion topic on the third party issue are very helpful and we will use this in the ongoing training with our Customer Service team.”

What is PlayRight?

The Forum was developed as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership between GamCare and the University of Salford. A number of online social responsibility managers from several companies saw that in a fast-paced environment there was much that managers across the world could learn from one another, but there was no forum in place where they could exchange information and ideas. They approached GamCare and the partnership with Salford was the outcome.

 The PlayRight Forum has been developed to:

  • Allow members to explore issues surrounding the implementation and effectiveness of player protection measures.
  • Provide a platform for members to discuss and develop player protection measures.
  • Allow members to talk in a safe, non-judgemental environment.
  • Facilitate collaboration throughout the remote gambling industry.
  • Provide a platform for an exchange of ideas with a wider audience.

GamCare hosts and manages the site, ensuring Forum etiquette is followed, suggesting possible themes for exploration and contributing from our own knowledge and experience.

The Value of an Industry Social Responsibility Forum

Over recent years the regulatory landscape of online gambling in Europe has seen considerable change. Although there has been discussion around the harmonisation of internet gambling across Europe - for example, the EU green paper on online gambling in the Internal Market and the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) ‘Responsible Remote Gambling Measures’ - the development of country-specific regulatory models in jurisdictions such as France, Italy and Denmark suggests that such harmonisation may still remain some way off.
In light of such regulatory fragmentation, there is a real value to players and operators alike in maintaining an on-going dialogue around Social Responsibility; operators will be well placed to demonstrate the robust player protection measures required to enter new markets and the sharing of best practice will help ensure that all players, regardless of location, receive the highest standards of protection.

As competition and consumer choice continue to grow in the expanding remote industry, it is becoming increasingly important for organisations to operate with a high level of corporate transparency and trust. By becoming part of the PlayRight online forum, operators demonstrate their commitment to sustaining and building upon their Social Responsibility provision.

With rapid technological growth in recent years has come greater access to gambling through platforms such as interactive TV and smartphones, as well as innovative games and improved player experience such as 3D gaming. Such technology may present the industry with fresh challenges in terms of player protection. However, it also presents a chance for operators to take advantage of the opportunities that new technology offers for player protection, for example, behavioural analytics or multi-operator self-exclusion. Through collaboration and the sharing of ideas and knowledge, PlayRight forum members are ideally placed to take the lead in social responsibility and to shape the responsible gambling measures of the future.

Who can join PlayRight?

PlayRight is available to those working in the remote gambling industry with a direct responsibility for compliance or social responsibility - for example Responsible Gambling Managers - and also to other interested parties by invitation. Access to the Forum is by username and password only.

If you would like to join PlayRight or would like to learn more about the Forum, please contact the Forum Manager

At the moment, PlayRight is for remote operators. But we would welcome views from the industry on whether a similar Forum for land-based operators is worth exploring, either linked to or separate from PlayRight. Again please contact


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