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Youtube channels of gamblers

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Fri, 13/04/2018 - 16:36



Are the multiple youtube channels showing gamblers having massive win or losses genuinely real? I wonder if they are playing with promotional money etc. Some of the spins look too insane. I usually watch the loss ones to discourage myself and now the streamers these days leave the title of the video as open to make the viewers watch it anyway,...

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Fri, 13/04/2018 - 21:02



i'm aware of them, but i stay away from them like the plague.  Win or lose they help me keep my illness close and that's not something that is good for me.  Glad they help you though just a very very bad idea for me.


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Sat, 14/04/2018 - 21:40



As mentioned keep away from them.  The videos are mostly cash with bonus requirements.  While the requirements are required the games pay better till the bonus is done.  The streamers make money from joiners losing their money as they get a cut from their losses.  Watching YT videos will fuel urges I have been there.

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Sun, 15/04/2018 - 08:23



Yes keep away and the main thing I hate is the Im a cool person for posting them vibe. Some of them are clearly addicts as I can spot all the signs. The most harmful thing is the way they downplay that by adopting a casual attitude like its nothing and they can take it.

They adopt a laissez faire attitude as if its easy come and easy go. Its is NOT easy come and it is NOT easy go where money is concerned. They adopt a persona or use their persona to pander to the fanboys and fangirls. Any negative comments get a panning...its almost like a cult is really a cult of delusional addicts in my opinion

I would like to see the accounts and backgrounds because one guy clearly seems to have access to money and seems fairly comfortable. I dont know if he is borrowing or working his way through an inheritance. I just know its highly irresponsible to be promoting gambling in this way

You know ..nothing to get worked up about but the truth is that losing lots of money is something that is extremely harmful and dangerous. You wont replicate what you see in the video at any given moment. Those videos feed addicts and they feed urges. I can only see that people will be tempted to try it for themselves. That is irresponsible promotion of gambling

Some post a loss making video and I wonder if they are made of money. Im not and I know how hard it is to earn the stuff with a boss breathing down your neck

You have to read between the lines that they are turning it into a promotional pay per views and sponsorship by casino sites. 

I couldnt stop and gambling cost me thousands of pounds my pride and my mental health. Thats the reality of one armed bandits

Best wishes to everyone on the forum

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Sun, 15/04/2018 - 14:36



I have been watching these videos also recenlty. I only discovered them in the depths of my gambling addiction. I actually went on you tube escpcially to see whether people actually win money when I seemed to be losing all mine! I used to watch them regularly...and still do a bit. But I relaise that most people watching are their addiction through watching as they cant afford to play...just like myself. It is definately dangerous viewing as some people will definately be sucked in with the I'll  give it a go' attitude. There is one guy I particularly like watching...hes handsome and I love his accent! But I reckon he must be a complete addict...I wonder where he gets the money from as he does huge bets sometimes. I have a feeling that very soon he will be gone from the site and entered into rehab himself...its where it all ends. The carefree attitude is a worry and often when I was watching...I would get the urge and feeling that..hey this guy is cool...I can be like that. It definately encouraged me to increase my stakes as at the time I was doing £1 spins...and after watching the videos I would risk £20 spins as I saw this guy betting big and winning big. I can honeslty say if I had not watched those videos...not in a million years would I have considered doing £20 spins.But monkey see, monkey do! Now I cant even be bothered with the slots as a £1 spin is paltry...I need to do £10 or more so I can WIN big!!!! Stay away from them...and anything related I think is the best advice. 

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Thu, 19/04/2018 - 08:28



This is an interesting thread and I have an answer to the question - are the online gambling sequences real; after all, the Youtube players always seem to win!

I have some insider knowledge here, knowing a trusted ‘friend of a friend’ of a gambling affiliate and genuine insider.

The people hosting these channels make money as gambling affiliates making an average commission 25/40% of all losses made by players at the end of the given month. This can easily amount to several thousand pounds a month. Youtube advertising income is peanuts; affiliation income is where the money’s at.

Online slot games have two settings - standard (up to 96%) and high (101%+).

When you join an online casino, you’ll usually take a bonus (say, 100% free). But you can’t cash this money until you’ve played the games through, say, 40 times. Of course, the chance of an average player cashing out is very rare, so to give the perception you can, the payout is set to 101% until the pay through is approaching 40 times or whatever. Then it is switched (after, in this example, when the player reaches 20 times play through) to the lower setting and you invariably lose, and quite quickly... just before you can cash out. Strange, that .....

You therefore have a ‘good’ game but heartbreakingly short of cashing out a profit, which encourages you to try again. Sounds familiar...?

The classic ‘near miss’ that fatally  seduces all gamblers.

The online players are playing slot sessions set at the high level - 101% - and not real money, despite the real money mode you see. There’s a deal between them and the casino to give the player the perception the given casino keeps making losses, to help hook in mug punters.

So ... yes, it is all a fraud, things are not what they seem and the ‘friendly’ Youtube hosts are anything but - they are cynical moneymakers trying to get you to join a casino that will grab all of your money.

My advice - stay clear of online gambling. And stay clear from ALL gambling, full stop! 

I know a lot, lot more than this and have deliberately slightly changed some of the detail above (don’t want to get my insider into trouble) but the principles are bang on. I am aware of some of the algorithms, ;)

These videos are not what they seem! As has been widely advised, keep away from them.