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Tue, 07/11/2017 - 15:03



I registered on the site Mon and this is Tuesday and I have logged on and been in the chat room which is opened for an hour in the afternoon. My problem is FOBTs. I am in the west of Scotland and there is no lack of Bookmakers (perhaps there is no lack of them everywhere these days). I suppose the history of the problem goes back to being young (and not so young) and playing slot machines. However, FOBTs are something else as many ppl will know.  My losses are tiny compared with many ppl but I have put off dealing with it / not known how to deal with it, long enough. I hope my writing is cathartic and that this process gives me a shake.  I think I regard G as an 'other worldly' thing. You go in, you play, you hurt, you forget. You write it off financially and as a memory. Not remembering means you repeat the failings.

Strangely, I have no problem (so I claim ... perhaps I am wrong) in other forms of gambling - horses/dogs ocassionally, but can leave NP; lottery - do now and again but NP. Never done online gambling which must be a nightmare! I think I have been in a casino once or twice in my life - thought it was horrible place but dont think I ever gambled.

So, here I am. making a confession and declaring my intent to follow through but I know I need to take this attitude out into the streets and keep away from FOTBs. I recognise how supportive others can be in any issue, so .... support away! and I will try to live up to your support. There is too much riding on failure.

Aluta continua !

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Wed, 08/11/2017 - 11:54

Forum admin


Hi bohajob,

Welcome to the Forum! It is good to hear that you have already joined us in the chatrooms and that you are determined to make changes to your life, your gambling.

You are right, gambling can work as an escape, "the other worldly thing", as you put it. But you always return to the real world, the people around you, your relationships and financial consequences.

Have you considered excluding yourself from the betting shops around you? The self-exclusion helpline can support you with this on 0800 294 20 60. And you can consider giving your money to someone else for a while so ou cannot access it to gamble with.

I hope that you will find much support here!

You don´t have to do this alone.

Kind wishes



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Wed, 08/11/2017 - 20:04



Hello Bobajob

Get some good blocks in place and take the power gambling has away. I don't know if you have anyone you can/have told about this but if you can get this out and talk it does help! (even if talking means just talking to a counsellor).

Getting involved here helps me personally a lot too. Even if it means just lurking the boards and reading others stories/experiences theres a lot of help here. Gamblers anonymous also offers good support, again with a forum or better still meetings where you can talk to the people at these boards face to face and work a program.

Just be willing to accept whatever help you need/can get and take it a day at a time. All you have to do for today is not let gambling in.

Good luck, keep us updated and ask here for any help you need to!

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Wed, 08/11/2017 - 21:49



Many thanks sjw. Appreciate your time to stop and comment. Today was good. Drove past and walked past several outlets and kept strong.

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Wed, 08/11/2017 - 21:52



Thanks Gabriele for your words. I aim to built up my resistance in a variety of ways which I think I will put down in print and post within the forums as and when, primarily as a way to self reinforce.

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Thu, 09/11/2017 - 08:11



Hi sounds like we have a lot in common. FOBT is my downfall. I can do all other types generally no issue. Had a brief flutter online but managed to cut that out easily. I’ve started carrying a debit card with only limited funds on it now money I might need that day. £10-£20 along with a credit card just in case. Bookies won’t take credit cards. I find reading posts on the group and see what others have done have really helped me out. I’m new to this but am more determined than ever to turn this around and get free from gambling. If you get an urge think back to why you joined how you felt after your last loss and really focus on that. Do all you can to avoid gambling shops.