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**NEW** extended chatroom hours

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Thu, 24/03/2016 - 11:26

Forum admin


Dear all,

Here is the current timetable:

Mon: 7pm-8pm, 9pm - 10pm
Tue: 2pm-3pm, 7pm-8pm, 9pm-10pm
Wed: 7pm-8pm, 9pm-10pm
Thu: 7pm-8pm, 9pm-10pm
Fri: 2pm-3pm, 8pm-9pm
Sat: 2pm-3pm, 8pm-9pm
Sun: 8pm-9pm

Back in March 2016 we added an extra evening chat room on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  In October 2016 we added an extra evening chat room on Mondays.  This was response to user feedback about the need for more chatrooms to run, so we hope you find them useful. We will be monitoring the success of the rooms and may review this in future. Rooms may occasionally be cancelled due to staffing needs on the helpline.

You need to be logged into your forum account to enter the chat room. if you aren't already logged in, then you will be prompted to enter your login details.  (If you haven't yet joined the forum, you can register a forum account by clicking on the blue login/register button on the forum home page and then clicking on 'Create new account').

During the hour when the chatroom is scheduled to run, you can enter the room by clicking on the link below:   

Kind regards,

Forum Admin.