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Sun, 15/04/2018 - 22:22



Hello Bryan,

Hope you had a good weekend. Been really busy the last couple of weeks, lots of changes happened/happening over the next few weeks, all good. Still been keeping up with anything you have written here. Cya soon mate.

All the best.

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Mon, 16/04/2018 - 17:22

a new start


Hello Bryan

Huge congratulations on over 100 days gambling free, I one day hope to reach that milestone myself. It’s a great achievement and a day at a time it shows it can be achieved.

I read some of your early diary days to draw on for inspiration, it really helped - thankyou.

Good luck and well done.

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Tue, 17/04/2018 - 22:08



Day 114

Just touching base with everyone . Firstly thank you for all of your recent comments it’s good to know that I may have helped some people along the way so far will carry on doing what I can to assist . Not going to monopolise all of the new members just as and when as I don’t want to be classed as the only “greeter” although it is important to respond to people quickly . One of the things I have thought about is that each recovery (is it really labelled that ?) or changing their life habits is that we are all the same yet different . Some swear by total blocks , never handling money , counselling , GA , the list goes on . I’m sure that all of these or a combination work. I haven’t got all of these in place . I have never had counselling , don’t go to GA , still have some access to money . Haven’t got around to self excluding myself at bookies or a casino. I’m telling everyone this because I think whatever I am doing works for me . I’m not going to be a victim of it and my mindset is strong . I am so far away from what I was that I am never going back . You see , I could self exclude myself from a bookies , but another outlet could be available . I could do more casinos but there are other methods of temptation . Do I bar myself from all pubs , lottery ticket outlets , scratch card vendors ? We all need to live in the real world and accept there are still things you can gamble on if you really wanted to. Physical blocks are only so good for so long. My mental resolve will mean I will not gamble in all of those pre mentioned places . I’m going on holiday to Weymouth in August , arcades galore . I’m going on business to Holland in June  where I have gambled in the past .I think for me it’s being aware of these places but not even having that urge or want to do it is stronger for me than any blocks. Anyway got that off my chest , I’m not suggesting this works for everyone , some people it does some it doesn’t . No thoughts of gambling since my last post . Another payday around the corner . My life is good , just booked a second holiday this time in July to Europe to a camping park we can go to a theme park , dolphinaroum , and explore Holland with my family . New boiler arrives next week , another small victory . Still get a buzz out of seing people on here doing well . I read all of the new member posts every day to remind me of what I could be should I ever have a brain freeze and want to destroy what I have spent the last 100+ days building for myself . 

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Wed, 18/04/2018 - 19:44



Hi Brian

I've not checked in lately, great to see you're doing so well. Agree with what you say, I also do not do counselling or G A, in fact I am also handling money again, I still provide receipts for everything as I feel it is right that my wife is aware what I'm spending.

Reading the forum since January has taught me that there is no 'one size fits all' cure to gambling addiction. We know there are many stories of people here having counselling, doing GA, the lot, but they still end up gambling and just can't beat it. There are also people who have quit for years. I do believe to beat it requires being mentally strong, as there is so much in life that could easily tempt us back in if we allowed it to. 

Glad to see you have got family holidays booked too, remember the bad days of resenting spending money on normal things as it interfered with the gambling. Keep on rolling Bryan, 100+ days now, you must be proud.