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A Beautiful Life

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Thu, 08/03/2018 - 11:57




Cold sweats, lying in bed next to your wife staring at the ceiling pretending everything is ok?

Looking at your kids face and seeing them happy and smiling oblivious to the world around them, and you are saying to yourself is ‘I need to STOP for them! They rely on me for everything’


You tap on the app and transfer £10 to place a bet on some game of football on the other side of the world!

Don’t know their names?

Name of the stadium?

Top goal scorer?

Yet that £10 that could be spent taking your child swimming or a nice treat is being put on this game!

Then…………………..The world is on hold for 90mins and you keep checking

You lose internet connection

It feels like the earth has stopped turning

The house could be on fire

Yet you must! Connect back and see if that bet is winning???


You get out of bed and make an excuse to the wife you feel unwell and will go down on the sofa for a bit………….


Now the night feels lonely, dark and quiet and like nobody else in the world matters!

While your child sleeps, dreaming of the toys you promise, the life you will give them…..




£10 is on a 2 -2 draw


You get internet connection again, 5 mins left and its 2 – 1


Now your heart is beating, one more goal and its £160


3 mins left and BANG! It’s 2 – 2


All the thousands you have lost over the years!

The hundreds you lost this week!

The times you risked driving the car while watching your phone!

All the times you ignored your child dancing, laughing, learning a new thing


Non of these matter now!


60secs left…’s yours! You have finally beaten the bookie! You’re the winner! EVERYTHING IS GREAT!

You’re the best husband

Best Dad

Best ******* Gambler ever!!




It’s gone…


Winning goal…….3-2

This was me!

And that dark lonely night was my last!

I sat there like my whole world had ended and said to myself “NO MORE!”


I thought to myself, on my deathbed will I look back and think about

The chances I missed? NO

The places I never went too? NO

The Car I never drove? NO

The days, weeks, months, years wasted gambling? YES!!


I have never done it since or ever will again!

Now the sun shines brighter, life is sweeter and I feel free! Something that can only be likened to somebody getting the all clear of a life threatening illness!


Live your life people, walk outside and breathe in the air, you are part of this jigsaw in whatever part big or small!

Rid yourself of the chains that quick money making can bind you and get back to being yourself!


It’s a beautiful world

Your beautiful

Your Free

You are finally the Real Winner!

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Thu, 08/03/2018 - 13:48



OMG... love this, good for you! Xx true words, very inspirational xx

Posted on:
Thu, 08/03/2018 - 15:38



Thanks! It feels great to be rid of such a pointless thing as gambling and I just hope others can get there!  


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Thu, 08/03/2018 - 22:22



Definitely, couldn’t agree more, complete waste of time and money... life is too precious! Congratulations on your beautiful life! Enjoy your family and tonight - your sleep! Take care x

Posted on:
Thu, 08/03/2018 - 23:04



Thanks, I’m here if you want to talk?