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Fri, 29/06/2018 - 21:09



I've been off gambling on and off gambling for the last 4 years, and today I stupidly went back on it. I used a new site ***, which is run by ***, so after losing £300 hundred they closed my account because I was excluded from one of their site *** two years ago, and when I tried to open a new account under a company that used them, I would be excluded after 20mins, they would void all bets even if it meant I was up money. So my question is do I have a reasonable chance at claiming back this money, because of past history, so is there any course of action I could take?

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Fri, 29/06/2018 - 22:27



Hi Lukabale,

I think you need to focus on quitting for good and given that you have had periods on and off gambling, I have every faith you can.

I had a similar situation with *** where I had closed down the accounts, one of their subsidiaries let me open a new account, deposit and play. Once they closed it I did query it and they refunded my money back. So if it will help at all, maybe try that.

I would also try to focus your energy on looking for support to end it once and for all. Even if you get your money back, if you’re not wanting to quit for good it will eventually end up somewhere else at some other point in time. I can speak from experience on that!

Have you thought about what has made you go back to gambling when you’re on the road to recovery? How can you help yourself to prevent another relapse?

This are the questions I asked myself, lesser time spent trying to get back what I had lost.

Hope all goes well,


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Sat, 30/06/2018 - 01:00



Get your self on on gamstop i ca n not reccomend them enouth

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Sat, 30/06/2018 - 07:46



I would agree with both of the above comments.
I registered to Gamstop as soon as it became live and have not had even the slightest thought about returning to gambling since.
Regarding your question about being allowed to register on a subsidiary site of a site you had self excluded from .... Yesterday I was checking my wages on my banking app and I noticed two payments paid into my account, from two different betting/poker sites that I haven't used in nearly a year, and am now excluded from via Gamstop.
One was for 16p one was for £500 !
I can only think that the companies are going through their systems refunding people that have deposited with them after having excluded from one of their subsidiaries. That would possibly explain the £500 but not sure about the 16p.

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Sat, 30/06/2018 - 18:55

Forum admin


Hello Lukabale,

We edited your post to remove the names of gambling companies, as some of our forum members say that seeing the gambling company names can inspire gambling urges for them.

About whether the companies will refund you, please contact the customer services of the gambling companies in question.  If you believe that they aren't following their published procedures, you could look at the gambling commission website page about how to complain:

As this is a forum to facilitate peer support for recovery from problem gambling, it is good that our forum members have encouraged you to reflect on why you are gambling and to focus on relapse-prevention.

Take care,

Forum admin.