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National No Smoking Day!

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Wed, 14/03/2007 - 13:34


Before 2009

Hi Forum members,
It’s National No Smoking day today! Are any of you planning on giving up?

On September 1st 2002, the Australian government introduced smoke-free laws that “required gambling venues in Victoria to be smoke-free”. Subsequently the gambling industry there, reported declines in revenue which they had attributed to the new smoke-free laws.
The link seems a more prominent feature for gaming machine users (anxiety thrown into the mix). Some reports “suggest” that “gambling problems and tobacco dependence have similar characteristics.

"Smoking is a powerful re-enforcement for the trance-inducing rituals associated with gambling."

What are your experiences. Let me know what you think!

For help to stop smoking you can call the NHS smoking helpline on 0800 169 0 169. 


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Wed, 14/03/2007 - 14:04


Before 2009

Hi (((Michelle)))

thanks for that...I know that I smoked aLOT more when I was sitting in front of a machine...

just last week my addiction dr. said to me (he offers lots of statistics) that if a person is multiple addicted, it is beneficial to address *all* of the addictions...if a person leaves an in-patient program (for some OTHER addiction) and continues to smoke...he is twice as likely to resume the addiction that he went into treatment for than someone who was not smoking.

I know that smoking is something that I want and need to work on ..... i'm just not ready to do that *today*.