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What is a Chatroom?

We run regular sessions in the GamCare online Chatroom, where users can use live text chat to talk about issues related to problem gambling.

Our Chatroom is a welcoming, friendly, safe and supportive environment. Some sessions might be fairly busy and intense; others will be quieter and more relaxed. Each session is moderated by a GamCare Adviser, who will welcome you to the chat and be on hand to guide everyone or answer questions.

How can the Chatroom help me?

The Chatroom can give you space to:

  • Discuss your day-to-day pressures and the reasons why you may be gambling
  • Celebrate reaching a goal or milestone in your recovery
  • Get support if you have a tough day or relapse
  • Solve problems and share strategies
  • Friends/relatives of a problem gambler will also find the chatroom a welcoming area for them to express feelings or seek answers.

For people who have just started to address their gambling problem, the chatroom can be a good place to meet people who have been recovering for a long time and can offer guidance, hope and support. Even if you feel like you’ve 'turned a corner', you may still need support and reassurance now and then.

When is the next Chatroom session?

Chatroom sessions typically run daily, according to the schedule below:

  2pm - 3pm 7pm - 8pm 8pm - 9pm 9pm - 10pm
Monday   Open   Open
Tuesday Open Open   Open
Wednesday   Open   Open
Thursday   Open   Open
Friday Open   Open  
Saturday Open   Open  
Sunday     Open  


How do I join the Chatroom?

You will need to be a member of the forum to join the chatroom. You can join the forum here.

If you are already a forum member, you can join in chat here.

To join the chatroom, log into the forum and click on the link posted in the chatroom section by the moderator.

For further announcements, please visit the chatrooms section of the forum.


What if I find it hard to express myself?

Everyone is different and it's possible you might feel somewhat shy, embarrassed or confused by events...or just find it hard to turn your feelings into words. Our moderator will also try to include you and make sure your comments are valued and heard.

The chatroom moderator will say "Hello" to you when you enter the chatroom, but you are welcome to spectate until you feel comfortable chatting.

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