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Data protection

What information are you collecting about me?

We collect non-identifying demographic information through our HelpLine and NetLine, plus data about your gambling issues, and information about how we are helping you. We may also collect some sensitive data, for example information about your health, ethnic origin and any criminal record.

Calls to the National Gambling Helpline may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance.

Why are you collecting information about me and what are you doing with it?

We are collecting this information so that we can have a better understanding about our callers. Information about your health, ethnic origin and criminal record can help us tailor our services to your needs. It will also help us with research, raising awareness about our services, and improving our understanding about gambling. Our funders also want to understand the service we offer. This information is always anonymised so that it does not identify our callers.

Who are you sharing my information with?

GamCare provides a confidential service. If you wish to be referred to a local GamCare Counselling Services then with your permission we will share your personal details with our Partner agencies who deliver these services. We don’t need or use your name or address when we’re data monitoring or compiling research.

Can I access to the information you hold about me?

Certainly! Just complete and sign an Information Request Form and provide a copy of your passport or other valid photo ID for identification purposes. For a £10 flat fee we will send this information to you. Please bear in mind that GamCare reserves the right to hold back any information that mentions a third party, or which could be used in any way to cause harm to you or someone else. We also cannot take responsibility for any items that may get lost in the post. The form provides more details about this.

What if I don’t want you to hold my personal data?

You can always choose not to answer certain questions and you do not have to give us your full name or address. However, you may find it helpful to give us your contact details if you want to receive information from us or if you wish to be referred for counselling. Our counselling teams will also require contact details for your GP.

How long will you keep my data?

We do not delete your data because we use it to help us improve our services, i.e. for research and statistical analysis. If you wish us to delete your contact details, please let us know. 

Call recordings will be deleted from our system after 28 days.

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